“How fraudsters used my phone number to open account on Opay and Wema, makes illicit transactions” – Lady shares heartbreaking experience

A Nigerian lady has shared her harrowing experience of discovering that her phone number was used by fraudsters to open accounts with Opay and Wema Bank without her knowledge or consent.

The victim @ @Ladykhair1 took to Twitter to narrate the distressing experience, revealing that she received a barrage of messages from Wema Bank and Opay notifying her of transactions that she did not initiate or authorize.

Upon further investigation, she uncovered that her phone number had been used to open both a Wema Bank account and an Opay account, with unauthorized transfers made from her original bank account to these fraudulent accounts.

The lady expresses shock at the apparent ineffectiveness of the security measures and verification processes employed by Opay and Wema Bank, as the fraudsters seemingly managed to bypass them.

In her words;

“I didn’t open Wema account but they’re constantly sending me messages, they even wished me happy birthday. Same thing with Opay, I used my bank app to check my number and I found out I have an account. It’s somehow, I feel uncomfortable.”

See below;

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