How Dr Sid’s mum forced him into marrying Rich Simi 6 years ago


When Dr Sid and Simi got married on August 5, 2014, it was amidst pomp and pageantry. All celebrities were present. The Internet was on fire!

For music act, Dr Sid, Simi, his wife was all he wanted. The same applied to Simi. Blessed with two daughters, the marriage had not only crashed, Simi took to Instagram on Sunday to confirm the split.

Simi in a post on Instagram confirmed that their marriage has ruly crashed but denied the allegations that she is a violent women.

“ “I have been consciously silent on this but as some people are out to defame my character and integrity with a fabrication of facts, I am choosing to address it once and for all.

A lot of you may have known that for some time now, Sid and I are no longer together and are moving forward separately with the tough decision to divorce.

The incredibly false allegations recently written about our marriage ending due to me being domestically violent towards someone twice my size and also preventing him from seeing his children (when he has clearly shared recent pictures with our daughters at my home) only depicts the laughable lengths at which some press are willing to go for click baits, and this needed to be cleared up. Such attempts will not be tolerated as I have stomached enough already.” she wrote in part.

But not everyone knew the marriage crashed before it kicked off almost six years ago.

Dr Sid, who is a son of late actor, Justus Esiri revealed in an interview in 2016 that they quarreled two days to their wedding. Talking about marriage, he said, “It can be beautiful if you work towards it. I remember us quarrelling two days before our wedding and even threatening to pull out. But, our love for each other has kept us going.”