“How does this help in getting justice” – Netizens react as a video of Nickie dabarbie smoking on a boat surfaces following claims that she doesn’t smoke

A video surfaced of influencer Nickie dabarbie smoking on boat, and netizens are tearing her up with comments.

Most of the comments border on the fact that she had earlier said that she doesn’t smoke or drink, during her saga with Skiibii.

Video below…..

Here are some of the comments;

b uniqu.e wrote, “Still doesn’t change the fact that she experienced something terr!blein that house that needs to be accounted for!!”

arikeeee Nickiee was high that day…they give her wetin pass her that’s why she think everyone around her want to kill her… .. Nobody want to use her for ritual biko”

hifie.gram wrote, “Shisha can’t get you that high so I don’t get what point this person is trying to prove”

poshest_hope wrote, “How does this help in getting justice for her?”

nikkyo660 wrote, “Gather here if you don’t believe that girl”

jossy_uluma wrote, “She pop the thing like person wey no sabi just like me, you’ll easily
know this video was probably for a shoot and had to do that”

iamdbull wrote, “Don’t mind them, that’s how people always want to tarnish our images as celebrities, me I no dey allow just anyhow babe enter my crib again”

usendollar wrote, “If she’s innocent button I it’s only shisha she takes and there’s no harsh chemicals inside! I was with her This particular day guys”

princess_chi_bae wrote, “You people really don’t want this lady to get justice”

ajong_achille wrote, “I was a victim of Nicki she framed me up for rape”

emmil_bamf wrote, “Person wey dey take shisha …. mean say she no dev capable of smoking loud? Or hard drugs dey play my fans”

iambroioel wrote, “Every job has advantages and disadvantages, no disturb us with disadvantages because we no dy when you dy enjoy advantage”

leesfashion wrote, “I don’t smoke either buh I use vape for content tho, maybe she did it for her video! I no dey follow the gist 0 no know who Dey at fault!”

iam_lilpapa wrote, “Look like she even enjoy that boat cruise she fit don fall inlove with alaye Base on that treatment’s make alaye no wan give her face”

omega_cruz wrote, “Shey na only the driver and who’s recording Dey there?”

golden_ay_hair-world wrote, “No body abuse or take alcohol than women ,this genders can code things for life”

real_big_chase wrote, “Nah Una still dey believe woman for Nigeria after wetin dem do lil frosh”

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