How does Miley Cyrus feel about Liam Hemsworth moving on with Gabriella Brooks?


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth after stirring up a storm with their crumbling marriage have now gotten the world talking over their respective tumultuous love lives.

And while the Aussie hunk has now moved on with model Gabriella Brooks, the Wrecking Ball crooner’s feelings about her former husband jumping into a bustling relationship with the Australian beauty have now been unveiled.

A little birdy told HollywoodLife what Miley has been feeling after her split with Liam and how seeing him live his life without her is affecting her.

“She doesn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. She is not checking in on Liam as they do have a very few mutual friends they still both speak to, however, a lot of their friends chose sides and don’t communicate with the others post the split,” the informant spilled.

They will communicate here and there between friends but not over that. The split was hard on their few mutual friends, too,” it was further revealed.

“Miley and Liam have not spoken in quite some time. They barely spoke after the break-up. They’ll always love each other deep down and friends close to them feel they both still do love one another,” the insider continued.

Earlier this month, Liam and Gabriella had pretty much solidified chitchat about their relationship after photos of them indulging in intense PDA at Australia’s Byron Bay went public.

On the other hand, Miley and Cody also seem to be going stronger than ever as their latest public outing showed them enjoying a romantic and intimate night out in Los Angeles.