How come Uganda is fighting Covid-20 while the world is fighting Covid-19


A news report on the television yesterday shows that Uganda now have 45 positive cases of Covid-20, this led to numerous posts on social media wondering how come Uganda is fighting a totally different virus which we haven’t heard of, it’s so funny that most people are using for memes just to catch fun, here’s the photo below.

As you can see for yourself, Uganda have no cases of covid-19 but 45 cases of covid-20 which we’ve never heard of.

(Nigerians taking it on social media as usual)

I know this might just be a mistake but is indeed funny and worth laughing at. But do you think covid-20 might be the pro max version of covid-19 according to the guy in the comment section, maybe it’s upcoming and we’ve never heard of it, maybe it’s just breaking out in Uganda, who knows