How Can These Decent Ladies Get Their Dream Husbands?


I have a couple of female friends who have gotten to the ” age of marriage” like they say. Between the age range of 28 – 30. Now, these chics as far as I know them are not miscreants ( you know like the kongo aso girls that sleep around). I am not saying they have not done or they don’t do but they are good chics. Two weeks ago, I had a discussion with one of them and she practically broke down in tears.

Why can’t I get a husband? All my friends are getting married; the annoying thing is that most of these friends of mine I know how they live their dirty lives. I am just here being the good girl, going to Church and at the end of the day, I end up with a guy that doesn’t appreciate me. Why are you guys like this? I am tired, she yelled emotionally!
Now, that’s just one of them and the other who said she was tired of being a good girl and doing all that relationship kind of thing, she just needs to man who would come to her and just say ” let’s get married”… I can go on and on with their stories but I was just thinking…

There are lots of ladies out there looking for husbands and it’s crazy for these because Men now take advantage of their condition. Some guys even go as far as promising them marriage just to get the cookies. Guys sha! I was wondering, is it that these chics are not doing something they ought to be doing? Is it that they don’t position themselves to get the exact kind of guys that they want in their life? Or is it that they have behavioral issues or something? But so far I know, they are good people.

When ladies get to this ” age of marriage” period, it seems like they put themselves under intense pressure. Like when they see their friends getting married and family and friends asking ” when are you getting married?” it makes them want to jump into any man and I tell you, a brother can see through desperation somehow! I think ladies should try as much as they can not to give into this pressure, maybe they should focus on doing something else, get involved in a Church project, activities, join a group, develop themselves further and in the course of this they could find the man of their dreams.
I really don’t know, but what do you think?


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