How Bobrisky was publicly embarrassed by Nigerian guys in Dubai (Video)


In a new video spotted online, popular and very controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky was seen being verbally attacked by some Nigerians while in Dubai.

The guy, who was dressed in a red gown and was with two ladies, was embarrassed by the guys who were heard speaking Yoruba. They used words like “Iyalaya eh, werey” as they screamed his name loudly.

Watch the video

Nigerians, Bobrisky is not the problem this country has. Let the poor guy be. Let’s be factual: his lifestyle and ways might not be the best and you may not agree with it but no one has no right to verbally or physically attack anyone. Personally, I’m not a fan of cross dressing but you don’t go around harassing people. Allow them live their lives as long as it doesn’t affect you.