How Being a Marlian Has Changed My Life Positively … A Young Man Testifies


A Young man who is around his early thirties
and a graduate of one the famous Christian Universities in the country, has testify that his life has changed positively ever since he understood what it means to be a Marlian and decided to be one. This is coming as a result of series of accolades been showered on him by friends and families, who noticed the change in his character and attitude. “You are being too charismatic and bold of late”. It got to a point my mum noticed something about my new carriage and courage and she was so happy with me, She said ” Son (Nwam Nwoke) like she fondly call me, you have obviously changed to a better and more matured you. This is the boldness I saw in your father before I agreed to marry him, says my mum.

My friends and colleagues both at work and in church are not left out in this as they would not seize to tell me how courageous and charismatic I have become. As a youth leader of my church, my ministration and exhortation are now fully power packed. Obviously, none of them knew what brought about the new me because I decided not to let anyone one know the secret but the truth is, I will never stop being a Marlian no matter what people are saying we the Marlians.