How ballet dancing in the rain years ago changed my life – Anthony Madu

Anthony Madu, a Nigerian boy who gained global recognition through a viral video showcasing his ballet dancing skills in the rain in 2020 tells his story.

His compelling story garnered increased attention, leading to a scholarship that enabled him to travel to the UK.

Three years after embarking on his journey as a young ballet dancer overseas, Anthony shared his experiences in an exclusive interview with BBC.

Reflecting on his initial year abroad, Anthony admitted that it was challenging, given the distance from his family. However, he gradually adapted to the new environment.

During his time abroad, Anthony Madu also delved into the realm of arts, showcasing his talent in drawing. In a video call with his mother, Anthony’s dream of becoming a professional dancer was revealed.

Anthony’s mother expressed her surprise at her son’s journey abroad, emphasizing that she never envisioned such a path for him. She disclosed that his ultimate aspiration is to pursue a career as a professional dancer.

Over the three years, the young ballet dancer underwent noticeable transformations, including a fuller head of hair, prompting his mother to jokingly mention cutting it upon his return to Nigeria.

Watch the video below…

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