How auto crash left 34-year-old lady on valley of death for 6 years

Victim on the hospital bed

IN a bid to avail herself of a job opportunity in Abuja, a 34-year-old lady, Miss Funmilayo Akinsola has been rendered dependent as a result of an auto crash that turned her life around while travelling for an interview appointment.

The accident occurred on February 5, 2013, at Asejire area of Ibadan along Ibadan-lfe expressway. While narrating her ordeal to Our Agency on Tuesday, Miss Akinola who betrayed emotion said, the bus somersaulted and burst into flames which she said, claimed all the lives on board while she was the only survivor. The accident, according to her, left her with multiple injuries, deep burns to her backside, right and left feet and also tibiofibular fractures and a fractured ankle.

Added to this was pelvic dislocation and deep laceration and broken glasses inside. In her words: “l was rescued by men of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and rushed to the University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan where I underwent several surgeries and treatment for several months. However, my wounds got infected along the line at UCH.”

“Desperate efforts were made to save my life, but there was no improvement, and it got to a point that I was given the impression that my chances of surviving such a complicated case were very slim indeed. At a point, amputation of my legs and colostomy were suggested but which I went against.”

She disclosed that after seven months in the UCH, she requested for a referral to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, but could not be admitted due to the doctors’ strike then, coupled with the unavailability of a vacant bed in the burns unit of the hospital. Miss Akinsola shed more light: “I was taken to a couple of private hospitals before I was eventually referred to Ganga Medical Centre, Cainbatore in South India. This was almost a year after the accident and due to the infection I contracted during my stay in the UCH, most of my bottoms were already decaying.”

“Thus, part of my buttocks had to be surgically removed in a very painful and expensive operation. By this time, my loving father had exhausted all retirement benefits on me. We were, therefore, constrained to contact the former Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, through a family friend. It was the former governor that assisted to defray the cost of my 8 months’ stay in India.” “After 8 months, I was returned to Nigeria with a referral to the USA for the continuation of my treatment.

His Excellency Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola was still on hand to mercifully bankroll my travelling to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA, where I encountered different surgeons before it was finally concluded that I had to be referred to an expert Orthopedic surgeon, Dr John Sontich for orthopaedic surgeries before I could have plastic and podiatry surgeries.”

“All these surgeries cost much and I was later referred again to Metro Health Clinic. It was here I was assured that I could still walk again but would need to undergo other series of expensive surgeries to fix some rods inside my legs and knees.”

She explained that the temporary rods were eventually implanted into her legs at a very huge cost and was requested to come back to Nigeria to solicit for funds to first clear the pending bills on her medical records in order to continue with her treatment.