How America made Nigeria a scapegoat, after being humiliated by Iranian missiles strikes, Johnson Andrew reveals


The white supremacist, Donald Trump, thought Iran is Iraq. He wanted to use Iran to booster his ego. He thought war is about weapons. He thought the noise they make of American invisibility was real.

When his weapon defence system failed during the surprise Iranian revenge attacks on two USA military bases, those who knew called him into a room and gave him a bit by bit account. That Iranian missiles rain, put the living fear into him. America was about to be demystified. So, he beat a hasty retreat.

Today, America is still counting its casualties from the missiles strikes. Of course, apart from loss hardware, America is also losing its grip on the region. They are about to be kicked out of the Middle East for good.

So, Trump has turned to soft targets to appease the American citizens. Vulnerable countries like Nigeria are focused on. He has just banned Nigerians from getting visa into America. Are Nigerians Iranians?

When it was said 254 military personnel wounded were evacuated to Jordan and Israel, you disagreed. When it was said 84 body bags were evacuated to an aircraft carrier in the sea, you disagreed. Today, America has said not fewer than 34 troops are brain dead from those missiles attacks.

Two essential American military bases were destroyed, because a megalomaniac brought his taciturnity into governance.

With all these, Iran has not even started with their revenge yet. The envisaged damage is why America has taken Iranian news off radar. Everything is hushed now and Trump just hope it will all go away. It will not.

That assassination of the popular Iranian General will haunt and hurt America in no small measure. Trump is a mistake the Americans will have to live with in the coming years.

As for you Nigerians, learn to stay at home. Let us build our nation. Let us form a common front against those who have held us down from our march to greatness. Let’s face these monsters and tell them enough is enough. We can not remain a country of potentials. We can be a great nation. We are indeed a great nation.

Let’s unite and build it for our children. We can not be sleeping at embassies for visas and expect our children to do same when they come of age. Our children should be spared this utter humiliation coming from our mistakes.

Today should be a turning point for us. Trump has only helped to point us to our greatness. Let’s not gloat. But harvest it.

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