How Ajibola Elizabeth Became Nigerian Best Blue Film Actress and Her Net Worth


Like any other person, Ajibola Elizabeth aka Maami Igbagbo was born with a silver spoon. Even though at her early she had to shoulder the responsibilities of her family and extended family has she lost her mother to the cold hands of death at an early stage.

A naive Elizabeth started as an auxiliary nurse before ending the career after a year and a half because if too much responsibilities. She WS then pressured by well to do people in the society to sleep with them for money.

As fate will have it, she met Kingtblak from who she learnt all she needed to become an afult actress before starting to have her own videos and sell them at premium prices.

Today, she releases at least a video almost every week with different kinds of men.

She is a name to reckon with in the adult movie industry. She currently worths $3000.