How 14 year old student was banned from classroom because she was to big for uniform (photo)

Kada Jones and her mother

Kada Jones, a 14-year-old student, has been forced to sit in isolation or go home because is too big for school uniform.

The teenager is wear a different skirt type of size 24-26 because the school’s uniform would not for her body type.

Kada said she does not know what she has done wrong to be treated in the way she is presently going through.

Kada Jones, aged 14, has been forced by her school authority, Portchester Community School in Fareham, Hants, to either sit alone in isolation or stay at home because she is too big for school uniform, saying that her skirt does not match the school’s requirement.

Kada, who returned to school after the summer holiday, for her first term in year 10, had to wear a different skirt different from what the school asked for because of her big body size, Daily Mail reports.

In that regard, instead of her the grey pleated knee-length skirts, she wore same colour but a different size of 24-26 Aldi.

The 14-year-old said she wore the same skirt the previous year without any eye brow raised, but the school according to reports, is now asking to abide by the dress code or go home.

The school’s headmistress said that the new skirt totally goes against the rules on how their students should be dressed.

It should be noted that Kada, defiled the rule and went to school on Wednesday, September 11, before she was taken out of the classroom.

See the photo below:

Kada Jones and her mother

The young teenage girl is has been dampened by the incident, saying she does not know what she has done wrong to call for the way she is being treated.

“I’ve been crying for the past five days – I don’t understand, I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“People get put in isolation because they have done something wrong; they’ve been treating me like I’m not even a human being. All I want to do is go to school,” she said.

Her mother Carleen Jones said her daughter is medically fit and the girl has been sulking and angry on why she would not be allowed in school.

She said that she is not dressed like a punk rocker and that the skirt she has on is similar to the one asked for by the school, and is of the same length and size.

The school’s headteacher, Richard Carlyl, however, said though the skirt goes against the rule, the school is working on a uniform that fits.