Housemates sleep in front of the diary room, insists Biggie opens the door in search for Nini (Video)


Shine Ya Eye housemates, Pere, Saga, and Angel slept in front of the diary room after they searched round for Nini and couldn’t find her.

Recall, Big Brother assigned a secret task to Nini to leave the house through the emergency exit unnoticed for 24 hours, without the knowledge of any housemate.

Minutes after Nini exited the house, Saga who is deeply in love with Nini raised an alarm which made the housemates swing into immediate action.

Saga and other housemates insisted that Biggie opens the door of the diary room for them to conduct a search there also.

Big Brother did not yield to their pleas and they were left with no other option than to sleep in front of the diary room.

Watch video below: