HOT UPDATE: “The only people I can send to you are psychiatric doctors. “Iyabo Ijo to Kemi

(L) Kemi Olunloyo, Iyabo Ojo (R)

This war is definitely not ending anytime soon!!!

Both Iyabo Ojo and Kemi Olunloyo are not letting anything slide!

After Kemi’s Allegations to Iyabo Ojo, the actress has come out to reply Kemi and she was very brutal this time.

Iyabo Ojo: “@Kemiolunloyo, I thought of cursing you back…. but d#mn!!! You’re already cursed, from generation to generation. Therefore I’ll pray that the Lord almighty lay his hands on you, heal you, give your children the sense to look after you and take you away from the street. I mean online begging and stalking, from one celebrity to another.


“I sent people to beg you? I laugh. To do what gangan? The only people I can send to you are a psychiatric doctor and the local government because you need interventions. Awon online mummy ……… be prepared …… Ewa alright Las Las @kemiolunloyo. may all your Curses return back to you a million times. Oni PTSD illegal.”