Hope Egbe speaks on why women in the media don’t get lucky with men


Pretty and diligent Hope Egbe started her media career at quite a tender age, before she proceeded to study History and International Relations at Lagos State University and then Del York Creative Academy, an offshoot of New York film academy to study Filmmaking.

With her wealth of experience in the cinematography industry, Hope Egbe shares her best moments and challenges.

“It’s really challenging especially as a woman in a male dominated industry.

Keeping up to date in the constantly evolving market and trends is a Herculean task. Sometimes, we have budgeting issues, staying late at night to ensure targets are met, and working round the clock.

However, I have had my good moments. I shot Documentary New York for One Music Africa fest. I also produced the live red carpet of Soundcity Mvp for 4yrs.

Because live shows is my forte. It kind of brings out the best in me,” she gushed.
Despite the general belief that celebrities and media ladies don’t stay in marriages or long relationship, Hope Egbe shares different opinion.

“Not not all. I am not scared of marriage. I have the stories of how media ladies don’t get lucky with men and all that. But I also have so many ladies in this field who are happily married with kids, and with their husband’s support, so that becomes my motivation daily. In fact, I am settling down pretty soon. Sometime this year.”