Hon. Kazaure gives a clear and concise advice to Sentor Dino, whilst He admired Dino’s fleet of cars

Kazaure whilst admiring Dino's fleet of cars, chipped in an advice on acquiring worldly treasures

The video which has been trending online, shows Hon. Kazaure in a funny way admiring the Senator’s fleet of cars. Kazaure who was amazed at the beautiful fleet asked the senator in hausa “I bet you some of this cars have not been driven before, have they?”, then the senator replies and says “Yes some haven’t.” Kazaure then gives a word of advice in hause “It’s unfortunate that when a man dies, he leaves all these behind”.

Whilst still admiring the cars, the Hon. then goes into one of the convertibles to have a feel of a sports car.

Hon. Kazaure entering Dino’s Lamborghini to have a feel of the convertible
Hon. Kazaure reving the engine of Dino’s Lamborghini in amazement