Homosexuality always existed in Africa – Jidenna (videos)

American singer of Nigerian descent, Jidenna

American singer of Nigerian descent, Jidenna has rejected the widely held belief that homosexuality is un-African and that it was adopted from Europeans.

According to the R&B star, while promoting his new album 85 to Africa on Sway’s universe, the same-sex relationship has always been part of African culture and never a derivative from European culture.

Jidenna said: “The whole idea that Black people, and our tradition to be Black… You hear these African leaders who are dressed in three-piece suits, got an iPhone, speaking in English and not their native tongue are saying, ‘it’s un-African to be homosexual, it’s un-African… we don’t have it. That was brought as a European import.’ It’s not true. It’s not true at all.”

He added: “You got Uganda, the kingdom of Buganda at the time… Before Uganda, there was an openly gay king,” he reveals, much to everyone’s surprise. “If you go to Zimbabwe… the bushmen as they call them, you’ll see homosexual acts in the Cape paintings. If you go to different communities in Africa, there were different rights of passage where if a woman was with a woman, or a man was with a man, they were thought to be more powerful.”

Watch the interview below:

Meanwhile, the singer has claimed that Nigerians are known for fraudulent activities because they are generally smarter than a lot of people.

The “Classic Man” hitmaker made this revelation in an interview with the Breakfast Club in the US.

“I don’t scam na. But yes, I have done a lot of things, I used to sell chains in China Town,” said Jidenna.

“I do buy some cheap stuff, cheap female jewelry and sell them high to some high boys in the suburbs.”

“I think that was a scam. But I never did the fake relationship thing. Never!”