Hollywood actor ‘De Rock’ confirms that Davido is the best (video)


In the superiority battle trending on social media at the moment after Davido posted a photoshoped picture of himself and Wizkid which sparked a reaction from Burna Boy. This is by far the biggest confirmation of Davido’s class. Burna Boy has claimed that davido is not talented and only got fame and popularity from his father’s wealth. Davido has also responded that Burna boy’s remark stems from hate.

Now an A list celebrity has added his voice, Davido the popular Nigerian artists has been confirmed the best by an American actor ‘De Rock’, he claimed that Davido is the best as he plays Davido’s song underground.

The former wrestler and Hollywood star has confirmed Davido superiority in the music industry as he said Davido is one of the artistes he like listening to. He also went further to say that he even listen to Davido’s song at 2am in the night.

For this affirmation to have come from a top celebrity, it has nipped into the bud, the Burna Boy claim that Davido is not talented and cannot do good music but only riding on his father’s fame and wealth.

Apart from Cubana priest, Iyabo Ojo’s daughter as well as Chioma Avril, this is an A grade celebrity given Davido hatoff.

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