Hmm…look at what MTO figured out about Kanye’s rants. It’s eerie


MediaTakeOut claims that Kanye West’s twitter rants in the last few weeks have a meaning.

Read what they wrote below and tell us if you see any sense in it…
Remember all those Twitter rants that Kanye has been doing lately. People in the media have been dissecting them wondering what Yeezy was really doing. Welp, turns out he was just trolling us all in the biggest “Twitter performance art” ever done.
If you read the FIRST letter of all his Tweets, it spells out, “I Am Lord Voldemort.” Lord Voldermort is Harry Potter’s ARCH ENEMY in both the book and the movies.
We’re no art critic, but it seems like Yeezy is trying to tell us something about being a VILLAIN. Well done Kanye.


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