Hilarious-Dad’s replies to school everytime his son missed classes


A father who received a text message from his son’s school asking why the boy was absent replied by sending a picture of the 15-year-old sunning himself on holiday in Dubai.

Father-of-two Simon Morgan, 43, from Penarth in South Wales, went on holiday with wife Claire and son James, 15, on a last minute holiday on March 3 which meant his son missed two days of school.

While there business owner Mr Morgan received a text message from Stanwell School in Penarth which asked why James was absent – and Mr Morgan thought it would be funny to reply with a picture of James stood in front of Dubai’s luxurious Burj Al’arab hotel.

It is not the first time Mr Morgan has sent back a frivolous reply to the school’s automated messaging system.

He said:
‘We only found out about the holiday the day before as it was through the travel agency that we run, so we genuinely didn’t have time to plan.’I know I should have told the school beforehand but if you ask on things like this unfortunately they often say they don’t approve of it, so I took a gamble. They didn’t reply to the text so I think it paid off.’James is doing very well, is on target for excellent GCSE results and misses very few days so I knew it was not going to negatively affect his work.

‘When I got the message I decided to send the picture because I think a picture tells a thousand words. I think from the photo it was then quite apparent where he was.’It was light-hearted banter, though admittedly it’s not the first time I have done it. James obviously thought it was fantastic and all of his friends loved it too.


Mr Morgan said: ‘I would say I am a fun but firm dad. I can be quite strict but James is a very good lad, he’s very caring and hard-working so I don’t mind having a laugh to entertain him or spoiling him occasionally.
His son said

My dad is very funny. He’s always making us all laugh. He’s a very excitable and happy person so he’s fun to be around. I look up to him a lot and we are very close. He’s really supportive of me at school too.’


Daily Mail


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