Hilarious as Kanye West had Ray J’s face edited out of Kim’s sex tape and replaced with his face


American Billionaire rapper, Kanye West is full of surprises and we might as well get used to it.

Kanye West is now a multi-billionaire, and he is running for president. This is beyond rap but there is always something about Kanye that will make you go “what?”.

Kanye once spoke openly about his love for porn, which landed him a marketing role with pornhub. That is why we were not shocked to learn that Mr. West keeps a full version of his wife and Ray J’s famous sex tape for personal use.

Our trusted source, who does not have a name for obvious reasons, claims she had done a lot of work in the West residence, and she had seen Mr. West watching the famous sex tape that has Ray J’s face removed and replaced with his, and he absolutely had no shame about it.

Anonymous said she felt like he let her caught him on purpose because he wanted her opinion about the tape.

“He was very comfortable with me because I am a nerd and a lesbian, and he wanted me to give a second opinion on the quality of the tape, does it look convincing or it is obvious his face was addicted on the video?. “

She said the tape was obviously done by the best of the best because there was no sign his head was edited from every angle.

“Kanye is smart. He hired the best video editor from the dark web by himself, and he was telling me he is thinking of releasing the tape to the internet on thepiratebay website. I told him it’s not a good idea, this is back in 2016, and he was telling me he had the video edited about a year ago.”

Other rumors have it that when Ray J put out a track called I hit it first that was obviously referring to Kim K. Ye was so pissed that he made a tape with Kim, and he was on the verge of leaking it to kill the hype surrounding the Kim K, Ray J tape.

His plan was to prove that the tape was big only because it has Kim K on it, and nobody gives a damn about Ray J.