“Hiding behind cross dressing is no longer enough, you now have the boldness to flaunt your boyfriend online, it’s totally unacceptable” — Actress Ifemeludike slams crossdresser James Brown

Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has called out crossdresser, James Brown for flaunting his boyfriend on social media as she accuses him of indirectly influencing and recruiting young boys.

James Brown took to his Instagram page and shared a video of him and his new man sharing some intimate moments together, WATCH HERE.
Reacting to this, according to her the act is totally unacceptable and she does not care about how many people support or encourage this act but the truth remains that same sex marriage and relationships are not the natural plan of God for humanity.

In a post on her IG, she wrote;

Since the inception of humanity, the concept of male and female copulation for pleasure and reproduction is the only acceptable and natural way but trust humans to always want to challenge God🤦🏽‍♀️like they are planning to abandon earth and relocate to Mars. I don’t even care if the entire western and European countries support this lifestyle through their laws, the truth remains that it is an alien culture between humans, even worse in Africa.

As a Christian,Homosexuality is a sin before God and man and must be publicly condemned by any society that doesn’t want to incur the wrath of God! I don’t support violence on people who are found living this way but with love , preaching and counselling we can win their souls back to Christ.

It doesn’t matter if you practice this lifestyle in the public or private place just bear in mind that you’re living upside down and must return to default setting. @wf_jamesbrown Flaunting this lifestyle in the way you did on your social media platform where thousands of teenage boys follow you is totally unacceptable…

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