“He’s got the whole world” – Trends, the bane of our society


When a trend does nothing for the situation on ground it should be questioned.

Recently, Hollywood Mogul, Tyler Perry casually sat in his multimillion dollar crib and sang “he’s got the whole world.”

He made his beautiful rendition a challenge in the popular video clip.

In the blink of an eye the internet joined in Tyler’s singing challenge.

Honestly, I have no qualms with most American celebrities who extolled Jesus on camera for the challenge, what I’d call naked hypocrisy, considering the images they represent.

I don’t care about our Nigerian celebrities who bought into the viral challenge. Obviously, they need to trend and chase clout as usual.

The people I have issues with are Mr and Mrs Nobody on social media whom no trend passes by.

Though it is not a bad thing per se to participate in a trend like this ongoing one; however, swinging from trend to trend has become the biggest distraction in a crumbling society like ours.

Unfortunately, the only time Nigerians, particularly our youths, exhibit this type of bravado in their numbers, is when the activity is vain and celebrity inspired.

Nigerians can take up a pretentious challenge from a faraway continent, but let us come out with one voice and speak against the unfairness of data companies milking us daily, you’ll wait. Let us challenge ourselves to make similar videos like this demanding professionalism from the Nigerian police, you’ll wait.

We’ve seen a slew of our celebrities in videos singing, “he’s got the whole world” to keep up with instagram demands, but for many of them, birds will grow teeth before they use their celebrity for a worthy cause in society.

As a people, it’s a shame that we can only get on something together for the purpose of garnering ‘likes’ and feeling among. Yet, our lives are as miserable as anything.

We can do better.