“He’s a sweet guy, very domestic and hardworking. I like him specially” – Queen says, after Whitemoney reveals he’s not romantically connected to her (Video)


Former Housemate and recent graduate of the Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye show, Queen Mercy Atang, has revealed what she likes most about her friend, and season 6 show winner, Whitemoney.

During her recent interview with Net NG, the Akwa Ibom State-native stated that she likes Whitemoney because he’s very domestic and hardworking.

She added that it has always been her thing to like fair (light skin) guys, and when she sees one, very hard-working like Whitemoney, she’ll be very much attracted to the person.

Queen added that she had extensive discussion with the BBNaija winner in Biggie’s House and she came to realize that he’s very special and would make a really great home, because according to him, he’ll make sure his wife doesn’t suffer in the kitchen.

So, hearing someone like Whitemoney say this to her, makes her see that he’s not really a bad person to love.

Queen said, “Let’s say first of all. This baby girl here, she likes light skin guys. My previous relationship, it has always been light skin for me. That’s always the number one thing for me.

“I have this mindset or imagination of having fair guys. So, meeting a guy that’s not fair will be like, oh! you’re not fair, you’ll not give me white children, you’ll not give me sexy girl.

“So, meeting a fair guy that’s really domestic, you can see Whitemoney is really all that. Like sometimes, I will call Whitemoney and ask him, will you be doing meals for your wife? And he’ll say no, he’ll not do it. And I’m like, why? But you’re doing it now. So, I keep asking him those kind of questions to really know the real him.

“And sometimes, he will be like, my wife will enjoy. I won’t really suffer her in the kitchen. I will cook for her once in awhile.

“He’s just a sweet guy his family oriented, just as I am.

“So, that’s what actually make me like him specially. I also like him as a person. At some point, I started having that feelings that this guy is not that bad.”

Meanwhile in a previous interview, Whitemoney was asked to talk about Queen and he told Toke Makinwa that Queen is an amazing person and a part of him that he wouldn’t forget in a hurry. He explained that one of the things he appreciates about Queen is the fact that she’s truthful.

However, when Whitemoney was asked if there would be any relationship between him and Queen he said, “I don’t think so, am not in that state of mind.” Whitemoney also stated that he is not connected to Queen romantically but he has a natural likeness for her.

Video below…