Here’s how you can use your Windows PC to accept Android phone calls


Some of us sigh at the fact that when there’s a call while we’re fully focused on our PC, and who could blame them? Well, it seems that Microsoft has found the answer where you can utilize your Windows PC to answer and make calls directly.

The feature is called Calls and it’s a part of a Windows 10 Insider Preview. As you might’ve guessed, you will need to be a part of the program to test the feature out. In addition to that, you will also need an Android device that’s running on Android 7 or newer.

If you fit the above criteria, you will need to link your Android phone and Windows PC first. Here’s how:

1. On Windows 10 Insider Preview, open the “Your Phone” app and select “Continue”

2. Enter your mobile number and then tap “Send” that will give you a link that’ll allow you to connect your Android smartphone to your Windows PC

3. Open your Android device, open the text message and tap the message link, which will then bring you to the app page in Google Play

4. Once installed, choose “Install” and then tap “Open”

5. Fill in your Microsoft account details and login from the app

6. Continue and allow the app to access your contacts, manage phone calls and the likes

7. You can choose to allow the app to run in the background
8. Tap Allow enabling your Android device to connect with your PC and once more Continue and tap Done.

9. On your PC, you will need to give Your Phone app permission to make calls.

Once all of the steps are done, you can now begin to make and receive calls from your PC. Just like in a smartphone, you can decide to accept or decline a call or even message should you decide not to accept the call.

It seems that Microsoft is planning to roll out the new Calls part of Your Phone one step at a time, so don’t expect the feature to be out in the public too soon.

I guess this is definitely a handy feature from Tontrends. Especially when you’re too focused on your PC and have your headphones on.