Here’s a summary of what we know so far today on the coronavirus outbreak

Blood sample with respiratory coronavirus positive

Here’s a summary of what we know so far today on the coronavirus outbreak:

361 people have died in China, one in the Philippines

– Confirmed infections in China are 17,238 (official Chinese figures include Taiwan, Hong Kong Macao)

– Outside of China, infections stand at more than 150 (for simplicity of comparison between the numbers, I have removed Taiwan [10], Hong Kong [15] and Macao [8] from this global figure)

– 36 people on France’s evacuation flights from Wuhan showed symptoms of the flights – 20 French nationals and 16 foreign nationals

– China’s markets plunged on opening, on the first day of trading since the extended lunar new year. Shanghai is down nearly 8%

– Health workers in Hong Kong have gone on strike, calling for closure of border with Ching

– Vietnam and the US confirm three new cases each

– A Qantas charter flight carrying Australian citizens has departed Wuhan and is due to arrive in Western Australia at about 4pm local time

– New Zealand has banned foreign travellers from China from entering

– The Maldives have banned entry of travellers from China

– The new hospital in Wuhan, built to accommodate coronavirus patients has opened.

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