Here is a List of Top 10 Richest Footballers in Nigeria 2019, number 1 would shock you


1. John Mikel Obi

    • Net Worth: $57 Million
    • State Of Origin: Jos

Mikel Obi, who began his football career in Nigeria, is Nigeria’s richest footballer at the moment. His professional football career began in Lyon Oslo –a Norwegian football club. Many years back, John Obi Mikel performed remarkably at a youth world cup whereupon his incredible performance earned him honour as the second most valuable player of the competition. Following this, Chelsea –an English football club –developed an interest in the Nigerian star. Soon, he joined Chelsea from the aforementioned Norwegian club.

Mikel’s spell at Chelsea proved to be one of his significant moments in football. His prolonged Chelsea spell of 10 years or so earned him massive wealth and incredible recognition as one of the most notable Nigerian footballers across the world.

Though Mikel Obi doesn’t have significant individual awards to his name, the Nigerian star is fortunate to have won a number of important trophies with London-based Chelsea. Currently, Mikel Obi plays for Tianjin Teda –the Chinese team where he is rewarded massively with £8.4 million as annual earnings. With this sumptuous salary base, one would easily believe that John Mikel Obi is immensely rich. Though a Nigerian, Mikel Obi is in a strong marital affair with a Russian model and child of Abrahimovic –a wealthy Russian man and owner of London-based Chelsea. Mikel is rumoured to have been in this marital affair for five years. So far so good, the affair (between Mikel and the Russian model) has yielded a male child.

Regarding his personal lifestyle, Mikel is seen as a person who fancies expensive assets and by reason of this, he possesses a number of colourful cars coupled with other assets in Nigeria and London. With the net worth of $57 million, Mikel Obi is unarguably the richest footballer of Nigerian descent.