Here is a list of reasons why curvy Vera Sidika rocks

Vera Sidika

One of the curvy women in Kenya is the highly mentioned socialite Vera Sidika. Vera is not new in making headlines in this nation and even in East Africa or beyond.

One of the things that make Vera famous is her body curves among other things. In general, curvy women rock, not only in Kenya but the whole world.

There are a number of reasons why curvy women life Vera Sidika rock, ranging from the look and how men see them.

The following are some reasons why curvy women rock:

1. Clothes look good on a curvy woman

Take a look at Vera Sidika for instance, she is always popping up in each and every piece of clothing she uses to cover her curvy body. Every clothing fits on her, be it new or old.

2. Most men find curvy women attractive

The figure of a curvy woman is a great ‘asset’ when it comes attractiveness. This is so clear with Vera after she parted ways with Otile Brown, it did not take her long to get another man. Another example here is when different media houses go for curvy women as their news presenters.

3. Having curves is plus for one’s love life

This is basically because men find curves sexy and attractive, which give them that passion and happiness of being with such a woman.