“Here in Saudi, the sun can cook beans” – Man says as Dubai-based lady uses sun to fry 2 eggs (Video)

In a remarkable display of resourcefulness, a Dubai-based lady has left people astonished by reportedly using the heat from the sun to fry eggs.

The woman, who goes by the username @mercy_gains1 on social media, shared a video showcasing her unique cooking technique.

In the viral video, the woman can be seen placing a frying pan under the scorching sun, without the need for any gas or traditional cooking energy.

With a bottle of oil in hand, she pours some into the pan and proceeds to crack two eggs into it.

Miraculously, the eggs start frying under the intense heat of the sun.

As the scene unfolds, it becomes apparent that the ground is so hot that the woman is compelled to put on her shoes.

Video below;

Reactions below…

@Joanna said: “Who is thinking the pan was from the fire.”

@ commented: “Here in Saudi, the sun can cook beans.”

@Habib Beye reacted: “But you also have to take off your shoes.”

@user2001509101289 said: “I tell you. “I was even crying when going to work.”

@loverboy said: “Only those in Dubai can relate.”

@E & V commented: “The saucepan has been heated already. You said the sun, right why are you not putting on shoes lol.”

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