Here are 4 reasons why bad boys like good girls

Picture this…a bad boy also known as a fuck boy – one whose sole intention is sex and who sleeps around with many women. The person he is seeking out is a good girl, basically, someone who doesn’t sleep around and who is looking for a committed relationship.

Opposite attracts

It all begins with the opposite attraction: why can’t a bad boy be with a bad girl or a baddie? Sometimes, being with a bad girl will be like holding a mirror to himself, and he might not want to face the kind of person that will be reflected.

What kind of person is a bad boy? He is someone who uses his charms, charisma, sometimes money and good looks to pull women to himself. He enjoys the attention and attraction, but once it’s time to commit to a deeper relationship, he is usually nowhere to be found.

Players recognize players and meeting a woman who just wants to use him for her own selfish reasons might not be appealing to him. It might throw him off his game and make him detest that which he might become if he falls for her.

Good girls are mysterious

Then another reason is that innocence is attractive, no matter how we try to make it seem like the world is an exposed and liberal place, there is a quiet sexiness in things that are not readily available, novel and mysterious. The novelty of a good girl might spur a chase.

Bad boy loves a chase

A man can pursue a woman for years just to have sex with her. The idea of sleeping with a woman can be so consuming, he becomes relentless in the pursuit. Love and lust are really similar to each other, but lust burns more and dies quicker and can foster a hotter chase because he has nothing to lose and much more to gain by chasing a good girl.

He doesn’t care

Bad girls like good girls because they are bad people, they don’t care about the damage their actions might cause, and they are ready to ghost her in an instant and move on with their lives after sex.

Such behaviour shows that he is lacking in emotional maturity, and he is emotionally stunted, it is on the good girl to recognize his antics and ghost him or insulate her heart and just have fun without expectations.

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