Here Are 4 Healthy Ways To Get Into Sleep Mode Other Than Scrolling Through Your Phone


In this new age, it seems everyone cannot get enough of their phones. It is routine to check your phone before bed. However, we bring you four healthy ways to get into sleep mode.
Research reveals that light from a smart phone screws up your quality of sleep. Also, keeping one by your pillow is tempting.

Rather, here are 4 healthy ways to get into sleep mode, which do not involve your phone. You’ll be happy you did:

1. Read: You can get enough of your favorite fictional characters without facing a screen; you can simply read. According to research, reading a great novel can help improve sleep.

2. Call a loved one: Although it still involves a phone, it doesn’t involve meaningless scrolling, so we’ll let it slide. Research shows talking with a loved one helps relieve stress, and low stress is a important in terms of sleep.

3. Step in the shower: The best temperature for sleep is about 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and a warm bath is the best way to achieve that. A hot bath or shower brings up your body temperature and then slowly cools when you get out, giving you the ideal sleep zone.

4. Calm: Practice your breathing and get some sleep. Studies reveals meditation helps people calm down and get better sleep. Also, it has great health benefits. Even just a few minutes will help.
Try out these simple healthy tips before bed and get some much better sleep.


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