‘Her mood changed when I told my girlfriend I’m the only son’


A Nigerian man has taken to a popular forum to narrate his 1st date experience with his girlfriend after he told her he’s the only son in his family.

Narrating the story, the man wrote that the lady felt depressed moments after he opened up to her on his position in the family, stating that she had previous bitter experiences with men who were only sons in their family.

‘Her mood changed when I told my girlfriend I’m the only son’
Read his story below:

While I was out on my first date with my girlfriend, she asked me how many sibling I have, to which I replied. She then proceeded to ask the number of males and females. Then I told her I only have sisters. That moment, her face dropped because we were already Into each other, I could tell she was disappointed.

She tried to hide this, but I noticed. This was Probably because that wasn’t the first time I would be getting that reaction from people especially women the moment I tell them I’m the only son of my parents.

I queried her on her sudden change of mood and she told me that she has had unfavorable relationship experiences (twice) in the past with only Sons and has vowed never to try it again. She reasoned that only Sons are too clingy to their families, overpampered, emotionally needy and dependent on their families and hardly have a mind of their own. She also accused the families of always trying to pilot the affairs of the guys even to the extent of making life changing decisions for them.

When i was young, I also had friends who thought I was pampered, showered with extraordinary love and care and that my parents can’t turn down any request from me. But the truth is that I never got any special treatment from my parents. The same curtain wire, broom, hanger my mom used to whip my sisters, she also used on me.

My point is that it’s unfair to lump people together and label them. If an only son happens to be clingy, it has nothing to do with his status. He would have still been that way if he had 10 brothers.