Hellfire still has enough space for people– AY Makun message to praying strippers

Ayo Makun

Ace comedian AY Makun has responded to a video showing some strippers praying passionately to God to send them rich people as they plan to begin their day by day business.

Responding to the video, AY expressed that the actions of the strippers make him believe that Hellfire still has enough room.

He wrote:

“I don’t think there is any other better way to confirm that HELL has enough rooms and BQ waiting for some people…”

Recently, AY Comedian debunked claims that he and his brother Yomi Casual fight over tickets for his show.

He wrote:

“The person who started the story immediately brought it down when I called her. I don’t understand why people are fond of formulating stories.
I blame Nigerians for believing all the stories they come across online. I think it is high time we start asking questions when we see a report. We should ask for sources, which Nigerians don’t do.
When I made a complaint, it was brought down immediately. But you know the way the cyberspace is; other people had lifted it as a news story. It seems the people were excited that the Makun brothers had a fight.”