“Hellfire awaits any man who transfers money to women they’re not married to” – Clergywoman (Video)

A clergywoman has warned that men who transfer money to women they’re not married to should prepare for hellfire.

The pastor who was speaking to her members warned the men against infidelity and preferential treatment of other women.

According to the lady, when men transfer money to other women who are not their wives, they’d also be transferring their souls in the process.

She maintained that such men would be on a high road to eternal damnation.

Watch her speak below:

Reacting to the video, one netizen kevkenkris wrote: “Ok no more transfer we will be collecting cash…”

peterboby5 wrote: “So me go enter hellfires like this”

aquamarine_beautyhaven wrote: “Na only this kind advice some men go fit heed to.”

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