Heartbroken man recounts how student doctor reportedly ‘killed’ his pregnant wife

had registered his pregnant wife to a hospital in Edo state when her delivery date approached.

He said that on the 27th of March 2023, he had taken his wife to the hospital and had been checked into the hospital ward by the doctor.

According to him, his wife had laboured from that Monday to Wednesday before she finally delivered her child.

However, after delivery, the man’s wife began to bleed profusely and the doctor had suggested that they remove her womb in order to stop the bleeding.

He said that he had reluctantly agreed but during the course of the surgery, his wife’s kidney was affected which only aggravated the matter.

Read his full account below:

“How A Student Doctor “Butchered” my Wife to Death At the Edo Specialist Hospital

When my Wife _ Faith Oghogho took in, i Registered Her for Antenatal @ the Edo Specialist Hospital with the sum of #70,000
On the 27th Day of March, 2023 as time for her Delivery Approaches, i took her to the said Hospital. After Meeting the Doctor he checked and induced her and told us to come back in the evening that same day. We actually went back at about 4pm in the evening that same day.
From there, my Wife was Ushered into the Labour Ward.
She Laboured from that Monday evening till 11am Wednesday morning before she finally gave Birth to a Baby Boy without any Operation Conducted on Her.

Immediately after Delivery, She Started Bleeding __
I was Told by the Doctor that the only way to stop the Bleeding was to Remove Her Womb. Like a Sick Patient who must obey it’s Physician, i Concurred. In the Process of Removing her Womb, the Kidney was affected. This aggravated the whole thing. She kept Bleeding.

The Doctor again instructed that i have to buy Blood.
I bought (22 Pans of Blood), also bought Blood from Live Donors. But all to no Avail.
From here, the Doctor instructed i do Dialysis which i did for (3 Days) at the Cost of #80,000 After which Doctor Osahon Placed my Wife on intensive Care since Her Kidney had already be Tampered with.

A day before she die, i was told to discharge the Newborn Baby so as to minimize the Hospital Bills, which my Wife consented to.

The following day after discharging the Baby, at 6am in the morning i received a Phone call from the Hospital that my Wife was dead, that I should Hurry up to come and remove her dead Body as they don’t have Mortuary in the Hospital.
Getting there, i was made to pay #600,000 as balance Payment before allowing me to carry my Deceased wife to a Morgue elsewhere.

On the 18th Day of April after her Death, i received a Phone Call from the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the Hospital _ Professor Sunday Adeoye with this Number 08034684739 that my attention was needed at the Hospital in Respect to my Wife’s Death. Getting there with some of my family members, we met the CMD, and one Doctor Oriakhi, amongst (7 other Doctors) of the Hospital who condole and apologize to us that they have discovered that it was a Student Doctor that Operated my Wife. The CMD further said assuming we have not paid the Hospital Bills, they would have deducted from the Bills for us. But since the Hospital Bills had already been paid and entered into Government Account, there’s nothing they or anybody can do unless such person want to throw weght with the Government, that the Hospital belongs to the Government. He further assured us that even if we go to Court, it’ll never be for our Favour since the Government is involved.

At this juncture, i’m therefore using this Platform to call on the Government and all and Sundry especially all Relevant Agencies Saddled with such responsibility with such cases as mine, to Please help investigate and the Needful be done.
The Vacuum left for me is Over Weighing. Taking care of the Newborn Baby with the other Kids in the Absense of my Wife make my Heart Bleeds.”

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