Healthy habits that can prevent or reduce body odor


Some of these habits include taking your bath daily, using a fragrance-free soap; using moisturisers with perfume or fragrance-free creams, and using a separate towel to clean in-between the toes to minimise the chance of transferring fungal infections (that cause athlete’s foot) to the areas with high apocrine glands like groins, armpits, etc.

Other healthy habits are shaving the pubic hair around the private parts and armpits, at least, once a month; maintaining good body weight and seeking medical help. However, qualified medical practitioners would be able to undertake necessary investigations and differentiate between true bromidrosis and bromhidrosiphobia.

Bromhidrosiphobia is a condition in which individuals are dreadful of body odor that other people could not perceive; such false sensory perceptions may be an early warning sign of some mental health problems.