HEALTH ALERT!!! See How Phones And Other Things You Never Know Are Destroying Your Skin


There are a lot of things that damage the skin ranging from sunburns, spending hours in a chlorinated swimming pool and using certain skin products.

These are the more obvious causes but do you know there are less known problems such as your phone, not eating well and the pillowcase you sleep on can damage your skin? Here are a number of habits and things that can make your skin dry or develop a rash regularly.

Your Phone

The phone is a device that is used regularly by people and research has shown that it is covered with more bacteria than some places in your restroom. More so, being a device that you almost never wash, the bacteria have a good place to florist and can be transferred to your body. You may want to consider using headphones when taking a call and using screen-cleaning wipes regularly to avoid skin problems.

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