“He wish to be young again” – Nigerian pastor lost in love as couple locks lips passionately inside church (Video)

A video making rounds online has captured the reactions of a Nigerian clergyman after witnessing a cozy moment between a man and his bride on their wedding day.

In the video circulating online, the pastor was visibly overwhelmed with emotion as a couple passionately locked lips inside a church, causing stirs among social media users.

The heartwarming scene took place during a church service where the pastor, who seems compassionate in nature, was conducting a marriage blessing ceremony of the couple.

As the couple sealed their vows by locking lips, the pastor, clearly moved by the display of love and commitment, was seen reacting with genuine delight and admiration.

The video showed the man and his wife locking lips so aggressively in the church, causing uproar among the wedding attendees and other men of God. While people were shouting with excitement, the pastor stayed calm with his beaming face.

The viral video capturing this intimate display of affection has taken the internet by storm, sparking a mix of reactions from viewers worldwide.

Netizens could not stop talking about the pastor’s expressions and the couple’s romantic moments. Some reactions are shown below:

adazdish said, “This pastor wish to be young again😂😂😂 Congratulations 🎉 guys”.

woodsworthinterior said, “Singles …. as e b like this, we might be needing oxygen oo because what in the name of oppression is this ???”

gigi__n said, “Pastor just Dey smile anyhow 😂😂”.

_abisolah__ said, “It’s the pastor’s face for me.😂😂”.

damilowla said, “Hallelujah” cue to stop these shenanigans 😂😂😂😂”.

gloriatopeng said, “Cute couple 🙊 it’s Pastor’s face in the back for me 😂”.

Watch the video below:

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