“He threw N1,000 at her to “Take care of Herself”, How a dispatch rider raped an 18-yr-old girl


Another sad case of rape has come up again and it involves an 18-year-old sales girl who was allegedly raped by a dispatch rider.

According to reports, the rider delivered items at a shop in the Bariga area of Lagos state and proceeded to rape her after which he threw a thousand naira at her to take care of herself as he didn’t use protection.

What is worse is that her boss has been trying to get justice for the girl but the police officers are having a field day laughing about the whole incident.

The girl has also been disowned by her parents over the rape.

Read what her boss wrote below:

This is the story of my staff and right now the dispatcher has absconded, we’ve been meeting dead ends everywhere and even LUTH said that they can’t administer PEP medication because we are pressing charges! They want us to drop the charges before she can be treated!

We haven’t been able to see the DPO of police for Ilaje Police Station because he’s always “busy” every time we’ve been there and according to them, the case hasn’t really been formally lodged if the DPO isn’t aware of it.

The policewomen at Sabo police station said and I quote “you sure say you no enjoy am?” to a traumatized 18yr old girl that had just been raped!

The policewomen at Ilaje police station in Bariga said and I quote “you sef fit be say you enjoy am because you suppose shout”

My girl started crying and I started crying because I was extremely angry and powerless!

They continued with “why you know bite am?” “You suppose give am mark for body”

All of these were said by the police to an 18yrs old girl that had just been raped

The man in question is a 45+ six-foot man with lots of body mass. My girl is a small 18yrs old child. She has been disowned by her father because of this matter even after we went and explained the situation by ourselves to the family. She cries at the slightest things now!

When he was raping her and she was shouting, he told her that even if she shouts nobody can hear her and save her, after he was done, he gave her 1k and told her to clean herself up!

When she told me, I told her not to bath so I drove down there and took her to a hospital

We ran some tests and took his semen from her because the b*stard even came in her! We have his semen which means we can run DNA tests if this was a normal country. We have a doctors report that clearly explains that there was forceful penetration

I hope Nigerians will help fight for this 18yrs old girl that literally has no one to fight for her. Thank you to everyone who has been there from day 1 to help.