He tattooed his girlfriends face on his chest because she’s been loyal during the lockdown


A man recently trended on Social media when he posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend, he was actually showing us a tattoo of the face of his girlfriend on his chest.

He trended so fast because a lot of people especially guys were shocked by this and some found it to be very funny. Normally couples draw portraits or a name but an actual face of a partner tattooed on his chest was far beyond expectations.

He explained how he loved his woman and said “I have been with her since the beginning of the lockdown and she has been so loyal and faithful to me and she has shown me something that other women has never shown me. That is pure love”.

He believes that he has done the right thing and because of this his woman will continue to be loyal and faithful to him. When people asked him what if his girlfriend leaves him he said that, that will never happen to his relationship.