“He should free her and enjoy his wife” – Reactions as May Edochie’s lawyer gives update on their divorce case following Yul’s lawyer absent in court

The lawyer of May Edochie, the estranged wife of Nollywood actor and failed presidential aspirant Yul Edochie, has given an update on their divorce trial.

In a Facebook post, Emeka Ugwuonye of Due Process Advocates (DPA) Organisation, representing May Edochie, revealed that Yul’s lawyer was not in court on May 7, 2024, for the divorce proceedings.

It was gathered that the trial could not go on after Yul and Judy Austin’s lawyer wrote a letter to the court stating that he was unwell and would not be able to attend.

DPA Organisation revealed further that Yul was, however, present in court but without his lawyer, and a hearing could not be held as a result.

Taking to social media, many noted how Yul still loves May, hence why he is playing tactics to avoid the divorce.

One Sonaldo 30 wrote, “Yul doesn’t have the money to pay lawyers

One Chinsy Ny wrote, “This guy should free this woman so he would continue to enjoy his wife na. Why the delay?

One Oyiza wrote, “You say you no want meat, say na bone fill am. Them say thrown am away, you say hold on, say small meat still dey the body. You don’t want her again; let her move on with life now. Why is he still dragging the divorce?

One Official Grade Ama wrote, “Yul free May, you made your choice with your full chest. Leave Queen May alone now!!

One King Minaj wrote, “Wetin concern us Oga lawyer? Here, resemble a court of law? Abi na only this case you dey handle?

One I Am B Model wrote, “You can’t eat your cake and have it; kindly divorce the woman since you don’t want her again. Make she move on with her life and know if she go find man for herself since you don find woman

One Nolly Critic wrote, “Why is he dragging the divorce? Shey, you are happy with your newfound love, sir?? Move on with her and let May go, na.

One Braids By Sandry wrote, “Never underestimate the strength of a quiet woman

One Mide Cup of Tee wrote, ‘Yul loves May, just that the forces that visited him is bigger than him”.

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