“He said I wasn’t a team player” – Man gets fired after he refuses to allow his manager eat from his lunch food, story trends

A man, identified as Somto Ihezue has revealed how he lost his job not long after he declined the attempt of his boss to taste his lunch food.

On X (formerly Twitter), the poet, now employed elsewhere, recounted a past experience from his previous job and detailed what he thinks led to his dismissal by his former boss.

Somto narrated that the incident happened on a specific day when his boss, who was fond of eating workers’ food, started tasting everyone’s food one after another.

But before it got to his turn, he quickly gobbled up his food to prevent his boss from tasting it.

However, his boss knew this and stared into his eyes with a mean look, and just a week after that, he was fired by the said boss for not being a team player.

He wrote, “I got fired from a workplace because I didn’t let the manager eat from my lunch. He always went around eating from everyone’s lunch, so one day, I quickly packed up all of my food before he got to me. He gave me a long, angry stare. I was fired the following week.”

Checkout the post below:

The post triggered massive reactions as commenters shared their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

@RedWineholic said, “Lmao. You just reminded me of a former boss. She would eat out of my food (a higher portion) every frigging time I ordered. The day I said NO, I got a review at month’s end. It read, “Many of your colleagues have complained. You are not open to sharing.”

@osahon4545 said, “You didn’t share the national moi moi”.

@AlexVivyNnabue said, “I hope you took his name to dibia or god or anybody tbh because that was him declaring battle”.

@myles_boris said, “Is that even lawful ?”

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