“He proposed at the same place we met” – Lady shares love story

A lady with the Twitter handle @_lesegot took to her Twitter page to share a heartwarming story of love, from a chance encounter at a gallery to a romantic proposal.

The tweets captured the moments that marked significant milestones in their relationship.

It all began when @_lesegot shared a photo of herself with an unknown individual, humorously captioned;

“How it started: photo-bombed this guy at the gallery.”

Little did they know that this chance encounter would be the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Fast forward to the next tweet, @_lesegot revealed that the same guy, now referred to as “LOML” (Love of My Life), chose the very same location as the backdrop for a special moment.

With excitement and joy, she shared;

“This guy (now LOML) proposed at the place we met.”

The tweet left followers in awe of the romantic gesture and eager to know more about the couple’s story.

Finally, in a tweet that left readers longing for more details, @_lesegot simply wrote, “The moment.”

Although the tweet was brief, it undoubtedly held profound significance for the couple, representing a cherished memory that they wished to keep private.

While @_lesegot’s tweets provided glimpses into their love story, the full narrative behind these moments remains a mystery.

Followers and fans eagerly await further updates from @_lesegot, hoping to hear more about the couple’s journey and the unfolding of their love story.

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