”He promised her marriage” – Lady publicly interrupts wedding as she refuses to allow the groom to dance with his bride, video trends (Watch)

A video is making the rounds on social media that shows the moment a lady publicly interrupts a wedding involving the groom and his bride.

In the video that has gone viral on social media, the lady was seen dancing so hard with the groom refusing to allow him dance with his bride at the white wedding.

At the initial level, the video captured the bride at the front while the lady comes out of nowhere and started dancing with the groom and that was just the beginning.

The bride was calm in the clip as she didn’t take it seriously while the lady was seen dancing with the groom in a cozy manner and even was seen exchanging words with the groom.

People at the wedding tried to get the lady away from the groom, but all their efforts were futile and this changed the mood of the bride who was not having it at all.

The particular moment created a scene at the wedding ceremony as lot of people at the occasion had to weigh in so as to chase the lady away from the groom.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

kwin_vera: Nothing anybody wan tell me, he promised her marriage so she’s out to ruin his marriage 😂.

tonia.gram_: So nobody get oraimo cord for there? The bride no fit give am detty slap?? Make una no add to my anger this morning o.

ayabaoduoye: The groom sef get as he be… Why is he smiling, he couldn’t shove her A-side and go be with his bride abi… Dey play.

bola.xix: If I no give you Abara for back make I know why😂😂😂 ori e to buru yen.

sweetylyx_official: That groom definitely knows her😂😂😂cus why is he not pushing her?

okwalilcent: THAT’S HER EX BUTTON>>>>💔😂.

bella_ace_official: When I heard strange lady I thought it was a ghost until I watched the video, please what’s strange about that woman?? Clearly the groom knows who the lady is and that’s why he was being soft with her.. but she just went there to embarrass herself. Pick yourself back up like a queen that you are and move. Accept the fact that he’s not your own and that God made you dodge a bullet. Anyways Love, Light and Spaghetti 🙌🙌.

ms___doo: I bet he was cheating on the bride with her 😂😂😂. If your mind no go touch ground on your wedding day was a person 😂🤣.

officialolaideadeyiga: The way I will remove my gele and give my mad igbarun … my husbands family sef go shock say where their son see agbero …

its.mercified: The groom go be Yoruba man 😂😂😂he don promise d werey marriage come chop am clean mouth😂😂😂Adam 😂😂😂.

qwinlaila: Try this rubbish for my friend or sister wedding, we no go even need security cause I go park you 😡😡.

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