“He must be ready for a relationship without sex and must be faithful” – Ifu Ennada writes as she reveals she needs a man

Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show Star Iheme Faith Uloma, better known as Ifu Ennada has declared what she wants from a sugar daddy who would sponsor her next vacation trip and he must be ready for a relationship without sex.

On her verified Instagram page, the controversial reality show star made a list of her expectations.

Ifu Ennada wrote, “Looking for a “God Fearing & Prayerful Single Sugar Daddy” to pay for my next vacation cos I don taya to dey spend my own money. More Qualifications below:

1) Must be very wealthy, tall, fit, eloquent and stylish.

2) Must be ready for a relationship without “sezz”. (I’m a “virgin”)

3) Must give me a monthly allowance of at least 100k USD. (Only broke men will say this is too much)

4) Must give me password to his phones, social media and must also give me his ATM Card Pin.

5) Must be faithful, loyal, respectful and honest.

6) Must not have Ex or Baby Mama Drama.

Pls Apply Within. Thank you and God bless as I look forward to a very fruitful vacation and future relationship.

PS: Nobody should ask me what I’m bringing to the table pls, I just wan enjoy life.

Ifu Ennada had earlier proposed jail terms for married men who lie about their marital status to single ladies.⁣

The actress turned made this known via her Instagram Stories.⁣

“Men who lie about their marital status in order to date and deceive a girl should be considered as criminals and punished by the law,” Ifu Ennada wrote.

“Their victims should be financially compensated for their troubles and destabilised mental health. Whether male or female, lying about your marital status should be considered a criminal offense with befitting punishment.”⁣

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