“He is too proud” – Fans react as Uche is the first Love Guest to leave the Ultimate Love Show


The Ultimate Love pad witnessed the first departure on Monday as Love Guest Uche bow out voluntarily to find his heart hub somewhere else.

Uche 28 was paired with Chris 35 as they were expected to couple up according to the Ultimate Love rules, guidelines and game procedure.

Barely after the Live show on Sunday night, Uche expressed his dissatisfaction with his love pair and even expressed his hatred and discomfort toward the environment in protest for his freedom.

Aunty told the angry, vibrating and unsettled Uche to think about his decision and sleep over it as she will take his issue to the producer of the show on how he will and when he will officially take his walk out of the Love Pad.

Apart from the questionable age difference, Uche and three others have little or fewer days to take their decisions on who to choose as they Only made their entries into the game on Valentine’s day.

With Uche officially out of the race for love, the number has dropped to 19 as the number of female 10 is now superior to the number of male 9 and it is left to be seen if the producers and Multichoice will decide to balance the numerical formula.

Meanwhile fans are reacting to the development as many believe that there might be twist and turns left while some are praising Uche for his bravery while others are blaming for being too strict.