He Borrows To Impress Ladies – A Nigerian Lady Narrates


My female friend was deeply in love some time around 2017. She gave in all she could to make the relationship work out.The guy has always been a supporting tissue to her. He pays some portion of her school fees and even buy her wears and designer stuffs just to renew his love towards her day after day.

This was so deep that I even have to wish I was a lady. I keep questioning my self if I would ever be useful and loyal like this guy of my friend. The lady in question happens to be my best friend. I was sincerely happy for her because things were actually going smoothly.

Furthermore, they overshadowed themselves with an overwhelming love until pregnancy set in. The guy never complained about the pregnancy in which I was happy about.

The bad side of the story happened only when we got to know that the guy was an herbalist by profession. He even borrows the car he do drive to say “hello” to my friend in school, back then. The guy as been so fake and impressive along line.

How do we then comprehend this, should she walk away or stick with her husband?