Having Sex With Older Women Is Way More Enjoyable Than Younger Women- Elikem Kumordzi Explains Why


Tailor and Actor, Elikem Kumordzie is always seen having a thing or two to do with older women. Elikem Kumordzie on more occasions has said he enjoys been with ladies older than him.

Well, in an interview with Joselyn Dumas on her ‘Keeping it real with Joselyn’ show, Elikem Kumordzi has once again opened up as to why he loves older women.

He said,
“Older women just clean themselves properly, they know how to clean themselves so well. Also, as a young guy, It’s like an initiation when you are having sex with an older women” .

Elikem Kumordzi continued,

Older Women Are Not Afraid To Say Do This Or Do That, There’s Proper Communication. But The Young Girl Is Just Lying Down, Wanting You To Do Everything.