Harrison Ford unveils his fitness routine and secrets to an active life


Harrison Ford is arguably one of the most well-known actors who seems to be aging backwards. The 77-year-old has been within this industry for decades and has one of the most massive female fan bases in all of Hollywood.

During one of his most recent public appearances, the star appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show. During the interview he revealed his secrets to a healthy body and lifestyle.

During the course of the interaction, Ellen showed him a picture of himself biking along a trail. The pair ended up in a hilarious banter over his bike not being electrical.

When asked about his secrets to staying fit, the actor revealed that he does not follow a strict regime, however, delves a bit into a number of sports like bike riding and tennis.

He even admitted to having following a diet regime in the past, which he no longer follows due to how boring it became in the long run. Harrison concluded by revealing some of his food staples and they included, veggies and fruits.